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Chicago has brilliant weather. Everyone who lives there begs to differ, but when I spent a weekend there for fun it was thoroughly 80’s and sunny the whole time so it’s all I’ll ever know! Oh, this place. I’ve been wanting to visit Chicago for so long without a tangible reason-just a feeling that I should experience it there and that I would like it. Did you know that the Chicago Tribune coined the word ‘skyscraper’? And that Pabst Blue Ribbon is from there? And that it’s home to the world’s first Ferris Wheel? AND BROWNIES?! I love being a…

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If you’re happy, then why not stay?

I left Taiwan because it was time for me to explore the next chapter of my life. I thought I was going to get a ‘real’ job, get married, and settle down just like everyone else, to embrace the security and luxuries of American mainstream #lifegoals. After four years of living abroad, I was 25 and excited to come back to the States to become a proper adult. Two years later, I have everything I had ever wanted (except for the getting married part, and that’s probably a good thing.) I am content with where I am at, but I can’t…

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