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Category: random facts

Go to Austin for the tacos.

I could move to Austin. Tomorrow. Easy. If I were to move to Austin, I would get a few more tattoos, bleach my hair again, go vegan and start a succulent boutique store. I’ve spent almost the entirety of my free time in Austin thinking about this, and I could totally pull it off. It took me awhile to understand this ultra quirky, trendy city, mostly because I was there to work during SXSW, but I seized every opportunity to explore. The thing is, all the cool kids live in Austin. And they’ve all mostly moved there from somewhere else.…

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The Versatile Blogger Award

My fabulous South African friend and fellow blogger Liesl from Pretty.Random.Things  has nominated me for this award! Thanks girl! Now it is my duty to:  -Nominate other bloggers I love  -Let them know I’ve nominated them  -Share 7 random facts about myself  -Thank the blogger who nominated me  -Add this award to my post At least, I hope that’s how it works. Let’s go!  I nominate my talented, truthful and heartfelt blogger friends:  Jamie’s blog Didi’s blog  Victoria’s blog  Nicki’s blog  (The Tumblr ones still work but won’t highlight lol) Okay now 7 random facts about me:  1. I’m laying on my stomach on my yoga…

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