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Go to Austin for the tacos.

I could move to Austin. Tomorrow. Easy. If I were to move to Austin, I would get a few more tattoos, bleach my hair again, go vegan and start a succulent boutique store. I’ve spent almost the entirety of my free time in Austin thinking about this, and I could totally pull it off. It took me awhile to understand this ultra quirky, trendy city, mostly because I was there to work during SXSW, but I seized every opportunity to explore. The thing is, all the cool kids live in Austin. And they’ve all mostly moved there from somewhere else.…

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To all the boys I’ve ever loved

To all the boys I’ve ever loved, There aren’t too many of you out there. If I ever loved you, you knew. There was once a time in my life when I only saw you, and looked up to you like you were magic. I held your hand happily as we strolled down countless streets together. We would go to restaurants and share food, and I would sit next to you rather than across from you so that I could kiss you whenever I wanted. I loved telling you about my weird dreams and we probably laughed a lot. I would…

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If you’re happy, then why not stay?

I left Taiwan because it was time for me to explore the next chapter of my life. I thought I was going to get a ‘real’ job, get married, and settle down just like everyone else, to embrace the security and luxuries of American mainstream #lifegoals. After four years of living abroad, I was 25 and excited to come back to the States to become a proper adult. Two years later, I have everything I had ever wanted (except for the getting married part, and that’s probably a good thing.) I am content with where I am at, but I can’t…

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How I Learned to Stop Planning for Love

In my early 20’s, I learned a very important lesson. I learned that in order to be happy one should always dream, make them into goals and set plans to achieve them. That’s the first part of it. The second part is that you are to be flexible. Many times, those are two conflicting desires for a strong headed person. I’m as stubborn as hell and in my adolescence if I didn’t get exactly what I wanted, I would just turn around and decide that I didn’t want anything to do with it at all. I could not negotiate, I…

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On why I CAN’T EVEN.

I’ve been trying to wrap up my post about Puerto Vallarta for about a week now, and I just can’t do it yet. I suppose that is the discipline that writers must build-to write even when it doesn’t feel natural. I’d so much rather write about things on my mind so I can pour and process everything out into palatable words, because that’s how my thoughts start to make sense. Journals and diaries are probably better for this stuff, but typing is faster and I love the sound of my keyboard going ‘click click click’… I’m going to be 27…

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