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If you’re happy, then why not stay?

I left Taiwan because it was time for me to explore the next chapter of my life. I thought I was going to get a ‘real’ job, get married, and settle down just like everyone else, to embrace the security and luxuries of American mainstream #lifegoals. After four years of living abroad, I was 25 and excited to come back to the States to become a proper adult. Two years later, I have everything I had ever wanted (except for the getting married part, and that’s probably a good thing.) I am content with where I am at, but I can’t…

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A Day in Keelung

Inspired by Anthony Bourdain’s episode of Layover Taipei (EXCELLENT PORTRAYAL OF THE FOOD CULTURE), Boyfriend and I decided over breakfast yesterday morning to make a day trip out to Keelung to explore. Keelung is a port city of located in Northern Taiwan, only a 50 minute train ride from Taipei Main Station but a completely different feel. As soon as we got off the train and walked a few minutes over to the waterfront, it felt exactly like Seattle. The air was fresh and salty-I could see cargo ships everywhere as we sat on by the docks to map out what…

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Sun Moon Lake

There is a place in Taiwan where lovers go. It has claimed to be the most romantic, most scenic spot in Taiwan, and it’s called Sun Moon Lake. Guess where my boyfriend wanted to go for his birthday! So off we went over the first weekend of 2013. You can go by either HSR or bus, and we chose the bus to avoid transferring down in Taichung. Sun Moon Lake is a lake in the middle of Taiwan, surrounded by mountains and next to Nantou, home of One Piece Theme Park and an aboriginal village!We were excited to ditch a…