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Chicago has brilliant weather. Everyone who lives there begs to differ, but when I spent a weekend there for fun it was thoroughly 80’s and sunny the whole time so it’s all I’ll ever know! Oh, this place. I’ve been wanting to visit Chicago for so long without a tangible reason-just a feeling that I should experience it there and that I would like it. Did you know that the Chicago Tribune coined the word ‘skyscraper’? And that Pabst Blue Ribbon is from there? And that it’s home to the world’s first Ferris Wheel? AND BROWNIES?!

I love being a tourist and a local at the same time because you get to have all the shameless fun. My friend Lily and I played this very well during our stay. Our beautiful Airbnb was in hipster Logan Square, Illinois’ answer to Oregon’s Portland. We took the public bus, CTA, AND Divvy bikes to get around town, but we also Uber’d and took a water taxi. We took selfies w the Bean at Millennium Park to conclude our city walking tour, but also went to a comedy show at The Second City to watch #Dateme. I highly recommend it. Lily and I sipped on cocktails at the Signature Room for the view, then partied with drag queens at gay clubs later that night.

It’s almost overwhelming how many establishments there were to eat, drink, and be merry. Some of the places we went to: Lula’s Cafe, The Purple Pig, Scofflaw, Bongo Room, Benchmark, The Green Mill, the list could be endless. Confession-I didn’t get any deep dish pizza cause we had so many different options. We DID go to Weiner Circle where I had to eat a bunch of pickles on my hot dog without ketchup. I ate a lot of nice food but probably my favorite was Tacobell at 4am.

Chicago is so much fun. If you’re bored there, you’re a boring person. I had a feeling I would like it, and I absolutely LOVED it. Another U.S. city explored, check!


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