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I already love you, 2016

In 2015, I just continued learning how to be an adult.  

I switched many desks at work, I paid my student loans, I moved into another studio downtown, I read books, I made friends with strangers, I danced on bars, I volunteered, I traveled often and traveled far, I adopted a cat, I developed a taste for tequila and port,  I dragon boat raced, kick boxed and started rock climbing, I bought a lot of booze, I paid my bills on time, I created memories with my best friends, I survived hangovers that should have killed me, I survived countless Tinder dates, and tried not to gain too much weight. I’ve lived a lot and I’ve loved every minute of it.

The most valuable thing I’ve learned is that if you always focus on the positive then life will always be good. I also stopped blaming people, including myself, for any disappointments or failures. Life happens, learn from it and tomorrow is always a new day. Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t be real with yourself if you’re having a funky mood day. Be comfortable with your feelings and let it ride out. And soon it will be a new year, and since every year has been more incredible than the last (even when I didn’t think it would be possible)  I’m certain that 2016 will blow my ankle socks off.

As far as travel goes, every year since I’ve been back in Portland I do one big trip. In 2014 I did South America starting from Brazil and summited Macchu Picchu. In 2015 I ate my way through Spain and climbed castles in Portugal. In 2016 (After I go to Prague and Budapest in a few days) I’m gonna see good ol’ ‘Merica. I’m going to take the train from the west coast (San Francisco) to the east coast (New York), stopping in Denver, Chicago, and wherever else along the way. As of now I’ve started planning it with someone who has been making my life even more colorful and exciting and, well, it’s not quite 2016 yet but I’m already in love.


My home=happy place
I am the mother of the most beautiful kitty in the world and I love her ?
Paradiso with bestie <3
Bay to Breakers, check!
My birthday spent on the happiest place on earth


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