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A VISA TRIP- Day Three

We woke up early on Day Three, because we had planned to see the Giant Buddha before heading off to Macau! It was another dismal, rainy day, and we ended up having breakfast at Starbucks again. Next time I go to Hong Kong I will do a very thorough search for cafes that serve breakfast if our hotel doesn’t!! Boyfriend and I both love, love, LOVE breakfast. I’ve never met anyone who loved breakfast as much as me, and (sorry we are obviously in the ‘in love’ stage of our relationship) having breakfast with him in the mornings, whenever we…

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In the morning, we slept in. We never, EVER get to sleep in and getting to do so was absolute bliss. My first class starts at 9:30 every weekday, and since rowing season ended I’ve gone from jumping out of bed at 5:30, to dragging myself out at 8:25. Of course Boyfriend is superman and goes for work outs or mountain runs or chinese classes or cycles to work before I get out of bed. Every Saturday and Sunday since March I’ve had either rowing practice or football practice before 10am. So when I realized it was 10-something am and…

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Day One-Novemeber 22nd 2012 (Thanksgiving day)  I found myself staring at a map of Hong Kong’s MTR routes, not sure of where I was or where I needed to go. It was 9:30am and my boyfriend had just split for the office as soon as we arrived in the city; luckily he could work from the Hong Kong office-his only justification for accompanying me. I don’t worry about getting lost or finding my way-because whenever I’m at a new place I ALWAYS get lost and I’ve ALWAYS found my way. But this was Hong Kong, my birthplace. So I headed…

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