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Last week I had a very special visitor-the boyfriend!! After picking him up from the airport, we took a quick tour of El Porvenir and then headed straight to the ferry port for Roatan. Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands, an hour ferry ride from La Ceiba. Even though it’s so close, Roatan is a galaxy away from El Porvenir, as far as living standards in Honduras goes. It has a reputation for white sandy beaches, beautiful resorts and lots of tourists. We stayed at West End, in a lovely bungalow. Even though I have gotten accustomed to living in a little poverty-stricken village, getting away for a few days was a breath of fresh air. We sprawled out under palm trees, sipped on pineapple rum cocktails, took pictures of sunsets and absorbed the beauty around us. Boyfriend and I absolutely loved every minute of our vacation there, but the best part was, of course, being reunited with each other. Here are some pics, the rest will be on FB soon! xx

The beauty of tandem kayaks. 
 Snorkeling! The waters were transparent and the fish were huge!
 Coconut breaded shrimp was delicious..til I had too many, but still. 
 Sunset at our beach front.
 Water taxi stop!
 Our breezy home <3
 On our way to see dolphins and starfish! 
 One night back in La Ceiba, sunset on the beach. Hot dogs or…? 
 Look who honey found for me! HAHA! 
From our balcony, til next time!

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