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Part Two: Two girls and the Grand Canyon

We drove for four hours from Las Vegas to Horseshoe Bend, and it was the most beautiful drive I’ve ever driven. The freeway stretched fearlessly ahead until it disappeared over the edge of the desert and brilliant blue sky. Weathered, metal striped rock formations sprawled out along the road, the sun burned above us like we were on Mars. Renette and I nibbled on our 20 pc. Mcnuggets as we passed by little, abandoned towns made up of farms, empty fruit (?) stands and where all the buildings were closed (forever?) Maybe it’s a Sunday thing. Horseshoe Bend was hard to…

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Part One: Two girls and a desert

We staggered into the Rio hotel, Las Vegas late Friday night, looking alarmingly out of place in our hiking books and massive backpacks. That’s one of the best things about having a best friend-you can both look stupid together but it doesn’t matter because you’re not the only one. The Rio is off the major strip, and although it was a short Uber ride away and shuttles loyally chugged through the night, we decided to save our energy for Saturday night instead. We checked into our room, changed, and hit the casino lounge bars til 4am, gingerly accepting drinks from…

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