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Sending love from New York City

Our feet dangled below the polished bar top as we sipped on delicate, artisanal cocktails, captivated by New Jersey’s glimmering nightscape framed before us across The Standard’s velvety jazz lounge windows. Notes from the band on stage waltzed up to the tall, magnificent ceilings, heavy with clear glass globes of faint, glowing lights. I ordered a side of fries and did not feel out of place folding out the silk napkin across my lap. I am twenty-eight, but it probably wasn’t until that moment did I finally feel like a real adult. Every night in New York City could be…

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Chicago has brilliant weather. Everyone who lives there begs to differ, but when I spent a weekend there for fun it was thoroughly 80’s and sunny the whole time so it’s all I’ll ever know! Oh, this place. I’ve been wanting to visit Chicago for so long without a tangible reason-just a feeling that I should experience it there and that I would like it. Did you know that the Chicago Tribune coined the word ‘skyscraper’? And that Pabst Blue Ribbon is from there? And that it’s home to the world’s first Ferris Wheel? AND BROWNIES?! I love being a…

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Go to Austin for the tacos.

I could move to Austin. Tomorrow. Easy. If I were to move to Austin, I would get a few more tattoos, bleach my hair again, go vegan and start a succulent boutique store. I’ve spent almost the entirety of my free time in Austin thinking about this, and I could totally pull it off. It took me awhile to understand this ultra quirky, trendy city, mostly because I was there to work during SXSW, but I seized every opportunity to explore. The thing is, all the cool kids live in Austin. And they’ve all mostly moved there from somewhere else.…

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