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Moments in Cuba Part Two.

Day Five:  “What do you think is the one barrier to your happiness?” I thought about his question as I took a sip of my chilled Bucanero, suddenly wondering if I had any (barriers). The live band was playing ‘Bailando’ for the third time a few feet away since we had squeezed onto this rooftop, unofficially the national Cuban song. Tin Tin was crowded with tourists trying to watch the fiery sunset sweep above us. I was sharing a wooden bench with a stoic German family but no one minded. Before I could muster up a thoughtful reply, Dan whom had been…

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Moments in Cuba Part One.

If I were to tell you everything that happened while I was in Cuba, you may never allow me to travel alone again. After rattling over suspension bridges on motorbikes in Bali and sleeping through overnight bus rides in Bolivia, I’d consider myself open-minded and well traveled. Yet, nothing prepared me for what I experienced in Cuba. I left understanding less of it than I did when I first arrived (which to be fair, wasn’t a whole lot). Without fully comprehending the language, having no internet and navigating the chaos of this country by myself, I was constantly surprised at…

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Sending love from New York City

Our feet dangled below the polished bar top as we sipped on delicate, artisanal cocktails, captivated by New Jersey’s glimmering nightscape framed before us across The Standard’s velvety jazz lounge windows. Notes from the band on stage waltzed up to the tall, magnificent ceilings, heavy with clear glass globes of faint, glowing lights. I ordered a side of fries and did not feel out of place folding out the silk napkin across my lap. I am twenty-eight, but it probably wasn’t until that moment did I finally feel like a real adult. Every night in New York City could be…

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Prague: Snowy but mulled wine and pretty bridge

I was not convinced that Prague was the place to visit in the middle of an abnormally chilly winter. In September when I bought the tickets, I did not choose it for the pretty holiday lights, cozy fireplaces or snow covered castles-I agreed to it because I was meant to have someone to keep me warm. But as my flights approached, I unflinchingly pulled up my big girl panties, packed my suitcase and took off alone. My Airbnb listing was in Mala Strana, right at the foot of the despairing beautiful and famous King Charles bridge. The flat was luxurious…

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